July 11, 2023 | Press Release

Statement on Passage of Nadeau’s Falcicchio Sexual Harassment Investigation Review


Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau issued the following statement Tuesday following passage of emergency legislation she submitted last week, the Sexual Harassment Investigation Review Emergency Act of 2023, which requires an independent review of the investigations into sexual harassment complaints against John Falcicchio, the mayor’s former chief of staff and a deputy mayor. The legislation passed unanimously; nine votes were necessary for passage. 

“We can now have transparency and trust in the process. We can now better protect workers. We have a responsibility to the victims in this case and to all 36,000 workers in District government. They – and the public – should trust the process and that cannot happen if government agencies are investigating themselves or their bosses.

“We’ve sent a clear message today that we take sexual harassment seriously, and that we expect the executive branch to also take it seriously, especially when it comes to mayoral appointees, those with the highest power and influence. The cost of an independent is a small price we must be willing to pay to protect workers and the public trust. 

“With this and the legislation I submitted last month to strengthen the investigation process in future cases, we are addressing very real concerns from employees, the public, and councilmembers over the investigative process.”