Housing & Homelessness

How we treat our most vulnerable communities is a measure of how well the District is doing. As chair of the Council’s Human Services Committee for six years, I spearheaded legislation and pushed for funding to ensure a path to safe and affordable housing for every District resident, including through my amendment to the Homes and Hearts Act in 2021, which made more than 2,400 housing vouchers available, enough to end homelessness in the District.

Far too many of our residents struggle with excessive housing costs and displacement. Unless we preserve and build new affordable housing, the District’s growth will come at the expense of pushing out low-income families and people of color, particularly the communities that have made Ward 1 so vibrant and resilient.

The Utility Disconnection Protection Act of 202 would apply protections from May 15 through September 15, and from November 1 through February 29, an expansion of the current temperature-based protections required by law.
"When we create an exemption here, we open the door to an exemption there and another one and another one. This exemption from TOPA is a line that, once crossed, cannot be undone."
"As we saw just recently in the point-in-time count, there have been increases in residents and families experiencing homelessness across the board, after many years of significant progress. This budget’s funding for ERAP is going to be critical to catch more people before they enter that free fall into the cycle of homelessness."
Councilmember Nadeau will introduce the Prioritizing Public Land Purchase Act of 2023
Councilmember Nadeau issued the following statement regarding National Park Service and District Government plans to clear the McPherson Square encampment of people who are unhoused.
Nadeau Legislation would Prevent Price Gouging of Infant Formula, Provide Powers to AG