Public Works & Operations

I am chair of the Committee on Public Works & Operations, which has oversight of more than 20 District agencies, offices, and advisory committees that do the unsung but critical work of delivering everyday services that residents and businesses count on, including the Department of Public Works, responsible for trash collection, recycling, snow plowing, parking enforcement, and more.

Diverting waste from incinerators and landfills is a commitment of mine; I’m focused on composting and recycling, especially, as part of that effort.

DPW is also responsible for parking enforcement, which is a critical piece of improving road safety and public safety. Enforcement is about changing behavior and protecting residents, not just collecting fines. I added positions to the booting and towing teams and I’m working with DPW to prioritize the most egregious drivers and increase their use of technology, such as license plate readers.

Other agencies under my Committee’s purview handle business and other licensing, manage the city’s contracting processes, regulate taxis, ride-shares and limousines, and handle LGBTQ affairs.

Traffic safety is public safety. Working together with DPW, we are making it harder to be a dangerous driver in D.C.
Residents are encouraged to testify at performance oversight (and other) hearings
Committee budget restores cut programs and adds rideshare congestion surcharge to address traffic and pay for 24-hour bus service.
The Committee is responsible for matters relating to the general operation and service of government, including agencies and activities that influence residents’ most consistent interactions with their local government — trash and recycling pickup, parking enforcement, and business licensing.