Since taking office, I have worked with residents and our ANCs to shepherd many transformational transportation projects, including the District’s first 24/7 protected bus and bike lanes, other bike and bus lanes, and improved pedestrian crossings.

I spearheaded the Adams Morgan Pedestrian Zone and Open Streets on Georgia Avenue, as well as a significant increase in funding for Safe Routes to School interventions.

I led the initiative to fund fourteen 24-hour bus routes across the District. Five of them service Ward 1.

Public safety takes many forms, including traffic safety. As chair of the committee that oversees the Department of Public Works, I’ve been working to strengthen parking enforcement and focus those efforts towards getting the most dangerous vehicles off of the road, with stronger authority to boot and tow vehicles, and better coordinate the use of technology, especially license plate readers.

I’ve introduced and supported legislation to block the sale of fake license plates at the source, and make it easier to boot and tow vehicles with fake and expired tags or excessive unpaid tickets.

The District Department of Transportation issued a notice of intent that moves forward on a transformative project for Columbia Road that has been in planning since 2021.
This week the Council took action on several provisions that will result in stronger enforcement action against drivers who are repeatedly documented exceeding the speed limit by automated traffic cameras, often with little consequence.
Councilmember Nadeau allocated funding for the positions during last year’s budget process, knowing the positions were necessary to keep bus and bike lanes clear and moving.
The two committees took up four pieces of legislation that would hold drivers accountable in ways that D.C.'s current code has not allowed. The goal is to curb dangerous driving.
Legislation would address the proliferation of long-expired and counterfeit temporary vehicle tags.
Nadeau re-introduced legislation this week that would change the status quo of how roads are designed and put safety and livability for all road users above efficiently moving cars.
Councilmember Nadeau made the following remarks at the Committee on Transportation and the Environment's Roundtable on Traffic Safety Enforcement, May 23, 2023
To reduce congestion, pay for much-needed overnight bus