Regarding the Attacks in Israel

In the days since the illegal and inhumane terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens, I have checked in on my friends and former colleagues there, who are in shock and fear and continued danger. Among them and their loved ones here in the United States, there is great sadness, fear and deep concern about what the future holds.

There is no room for moral equivalence here. While there are legitimate debates to be had about the aspirations of the Palestinian people and past actions taken by Israel, intentional terrorism against civilian women, children, and men is abhorrent, can never be defended as an acceptable response, and should be condemned by all. As Hamas brutally kills and captures citizens and parades hostages in the streets of Gaza, our response must be outright condemnation. These acts of terrorism undermine the peace that so many of us desire for the Israeli and Palestinian people.

To residents of the District who have family and friends in Israel, and to any Israelis who reside in or are visiting the District, my thoughts are with you, and I pray for the safety of all. I offer my condolences to the families of all those lost; may their memories be for a blessing.

To members of the Jewish community here in the District, of which I am a part, I share your anguish and fear, and appreciate the efforts of law enforcement as they bolster security at Jewish institutions here. Thank you to Mayor Bowser, Attorney General Schwalb, President Biden and other government leaders for your statements and acts of solidarity.


It’s never just about the numbers – it’s about the people impacted by the programs and people funded in the budget. I remain committed to do the hard work to take care of our neighbors, to keep our city safe, to enhance our quality of life.
The Utility Disconnection Protection Act of 202 would apply protections from May 15 through September 15, and from November 1 through February 29, an expansion of the current temperature-based protections required by law.
This week, the Council gave our initial approval to the District’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget. I was proud to support the proposal that reinstates vital programs and generates much-needed revenue.

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