Ward 1 Update: Fixing Bad Budget Cuts, Mopeds, and Rosemount Reprieve

Good news this week! Rosemount Center and its landlord, House of Mercy, have come up with an agreement to keep the cherished early childhood education center in Mount Pleasant open with a lease extension of at least two years.

Hello neighbors:

There were multiple shootings in Ward 1 this week—including one in Columbia Heights and one in the early hours Thursday morning near Spring Road and 10th, which resulted in one death and left two others in stable condition. I understand how upsetting and scary this is.

I spoke Thursday morning with MPD 4th District Commander Lavenhouse. We know that officers were patrolling nearby as the shooting occurred and responded quickly. A member of my team participated in an inter-agency walk of the neighborhood Thursday afternoon. ANC1A Commissioner Mukta Ghorpadey is also hosting a neighborhood meeting on public safety this evening, Friday, at 5:30 pm at Trolley Park (11th & Monroe), which my office will join.

Because Thursday morning’s incident was on the line between wards 1 and 4, I am working closely with Councilmember Janeese Lewis George to monitor efforts in that area and coordinate a multi-agency approach.

The Uptown Cure the Streets violence prevention team is working in this area to address any ongoing conflicts that could lead to retaliation.

On the legislative side, I recently advanced a measure to assist with homicide closures by protecting witnesses who give testimony. A portion of that measure already made it into the Secure DC bill – a study of existing witness assistance programs and their effectiveness so that we can find ways to get more witnesses to testify and arrest and prosecute violent offenders.

I encourage anyone with information about this week’s incidents to call MPD at 202-727-9099 or text 50411.

Rosemount reprieve

Good news this week! Rosemount Center and its landlord, House of Mercy, have come up with an agreement to keep the cherished early childhood education center in Mount Pleasant open with a lease extension of at least two years. For months I’ve been working with the school and families, advocated with the Mayor and city agencies, and introduced legislation to give the Mayor authority to enter into a lease or to purchase the building. The two-year extension gives everyone a shot at coming up with a permanent solution – one that could be helped by the authority my legislation offers.

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Making mopeds work for all of us

There’s been a big increase in the number of mopeds on the street in the past year, with many of them being used for food delivery. I spoke with the Washington Post about it last week. This presents both an opportunity and some challenges for our Ward 1 community, something I’m addressing with legislation I am introducing today.

While there have been some concerns raised about mopeds following the rules of the road, we have also seen that most moped drivers want to learn and follow the requirements for vehicle registration and traffic safety. Many of the mopeds are rented out by companies, who sometimes take advantage of the delivery drivers or don’t take responsibility for educating drivers about the rules.

Small, more energy efficient vehicles like mopeds are better for the environment, safety, and traffic management than automobiles – so that part is a definite plus. And giving people opportunities for employment, especially newer immigrants, as many of these delivery drivers are, is good for them and for our economy and our social service system.

Still, everyone needs to follow the rules for their own safety and the safety of the community. There have been reports of mopeds not being registered or insured, due to misunderstandings or willful flouting of the regulations.

My bill will make companies that rent out mopeds responsible for registering them. In addition to my bill, I’m working to expand oversight by the Department of For-Hire Vehicles, an agency under the oversight the Committee on Public Works & Operations, which I chair. We can improve traffic safety for pedestrians, cyclists, automobile drivers and moped operators.

Public safety takes many forms and one of them is traffic safety. We have an opportunity to better manage the operation of mopeds that helps entrepreneurs earn a living and all of us to have safer streets.

Fake tags in the news

In other traffic safety news, my proposed legislation to crack down on fake license plates was featured in a New York Times story about fake tags proliferating around the country. My bill allows DPW parking enforcement to boot and tow cars with expired and fraudulent tags more quickly than under current law. I’m bringing the bill to a vote in my committee later this spring.

Fixing bad budget cuts & a few bright stars

As our Public Works & Operations budget oversight hearings for the FY 25 budget have continued this week, the trend of troubling cuts has likewise continued.

At the Office of Contracting and Procurement, I’m concerned a lack of resources dedicated to IT modernization will leave the agency—and the contracting services for 79 District agencies by extension —old-fashioned and out-of-date. At the Department of For-Hire Vehicles, whole programs that D.C. residents rely on for safe, affordable and accessible transportation will be eliminated because there was no long-term plan for financial viability—an issue this committee raised this time last year.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news: we heard from the Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ+ Affairs about progress to find housing for members of the LGBTQ+ community experiencing homelessness. We also heard more about plans that will increase the availability of wheelchair-accessible taxicabs in D.C. this summer.

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We must restore funding to the Office of the Ombudsperson for Children

The complete elimination of funding for the Office of the Ombudsperson for Children isn’t merely a budgetary adjustment. It represents a deliberate policy choice made by the Executive.

Read my opening remarks at this week’s Committee on Facilities & Family Services budget oversight hearing

New bill to hold government accountable

Far too often, government records are withheld, when transparency could fuel change. When DC agencies don’t deliver on their promises, access to public records is critical. The Transparency Is Accountability Amendment Act of 2024, which I co-introduced this week with Councilmember Zachary Parker, will make sure residents have the information they need to hold government accountable.

Of particular concern to me & to many residents is the Office of Unified Communications, which handles our 911 calls. We’ve heard the stories: dispatchers sending help to the wrong place, people being put on hold during life-threatening situations. This is unacceptable.

This legislation will help the Council and local residents gain access to 911 call records, so we can better understand the mistakes that cost critical seconds and minutes in police and fire and emergency medical services responses and make the necessary improvements.


Photo of Councilmember Brianne K Nadeau holding her daughter and posing with two seniors seated at table at the Ward 1 Senior Dance

I LOVE hosting our Spring Fling each year with our seniors from across Ward 1 at Prince Hall Masonic Temple! Thank you to them and their great volunteers, DJ D-Nice of Christian Tabernacle, and all of our seniors.

Photo of young girl and volunteer cleaning up near tree at Vermont Ave Garden Work Party

Ahead of Earth Day, Zoe and I joined the crew of volunteers, including ANC 1B Chair Sabel Harris, the team from Torti Gallas, and longtime Vermont Ave neighbor and organizer Jeff Willis, to beautify the neighborhood at the 21st Annual Vermont Avenue Garden Work Party.

Photo of Councilmember Brianne K Nadeau presenting ceremonial resolution to Bill Spieler from DC9 Nightclub on stage at the venue. DC9 logo in background of photo.

Congratulations to DC9 Nightclub on their 20th anniversary! I was proud to recognize Bill Spieler and the venue’s commitment to community engagement, creative expression, and the growth of the District’s music scene with a ceremonial resolution from the Council.


Public Engagement Meeting on D.C. Stabilization Center

The Department of Behavioral Health invites you to a meeting to discuss the new Stabilization Center at 1338 Park Road NW (the former fire station). We welcome the opportunity to discuss this additional resource for residents with substance use disorders, and to listen to any concerns and how we can work to address them.

  • Date: Wednesday, May 1
  • Time: 7 pm – 8:30 pm
  • In person location: Columbia Heights Education Campus (Auditorium), 3101 16th St NW
  • Virtual option

Become a 2024 Youth Human Rights Ambassador

The Office of Human Rights (OHR) – Youth Human Rights Ambassador Program is now underway. Tailored for D.C. high school students, this program offers a unique platform for developing leadership abilities, nurturing civic engagement, and offering valuable tools for our youth to facilitate dialogues on diverse youth-related community issues. Applications are being accepted until May 31.

Learn more

Martha’s Table Teacher Hiring Fair

Martha’s Table is hosting a Teacher Hiring Fair, where they will hire lead teachers and assistant teachers. During the fair, they will offer on-site interviews, and successful candidates can receive on-the-spot job offers and a $3,000 sign-on bonus.

  • Date: Wednesday, May 1
  • Time: 4 pm – 7 pm
  • Location: Martha’s Table Commons – Hub, 2375 Elvans Rd SE
  • What to Bring: education credentials, resume, three professional employer references



Deal reached to keep Rosemount Center open in Mount Pleasant

“The 2-year extension gives everyone a shot at coming up with a permanent solution – one that could be helped by the authority in my legislation.”

They fled Venezuela – and transformed D.C.’s food delivery scene

Fake Tags Add to Real Chaos on American Roads

DC public restroom pilot program aims to provide free, portable bathrooms across nation’s capital

“D.C. residents are incredibly excited about it. Tourists and residents have demanded safe and dignified restrooms for years, including people who are pregnant, have health issues, and are unhoused.”

DC installing new mobile bathrooms as part of pilot program


Brianne on Your Block
Tuesday, April 30, 8:30 am – 10 am | Elle

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1D
Tuesday, April 30, 7 pm | in-person and online

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C
Wednesday, May 1, 7 pm | online

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Thursday, May 2, 9 am | in-person and online

Budget oversight hearing: Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Office of Risk Management

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Thursday, May 2, 6:30 pm | online

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Friday, May 3, 9:30 am | in-person and online

Budget oversight hearing

45th Annual Washington Area Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Service
Monday, May 6, 11:30 am | Henry J. Daly Building

Legislative Meeting
Tuesday, May 7, 11 am | in-person and online

Committee on Recreation, Libraries & Youth Affairs
Wednesday, May 8, 2:30 pm | in-person and online

Committee mark-up for FY25 budget

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A
Wednesday, May 8, 7 pm | online

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Thursday, May 9, 11:30 am | in-person and online

Committee mark-up for the FY25 budget

Committee on Facilities & Family Services
Thursday, May 9, 11:30 am | in-person and online

Committee mark-up for the FY25 budget

Committee on Health
Thursday, May 9, 2:30 pm | in-person and online

Committee mark-up for the FY25 budget

Committee of the Whole
Friday, May 10, 3:45 pm | in-person and online

Committee mark-up for the FY25 budget

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1E
Wednesday, May 22, 7 pm | online


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Last week, the Committee on Public Works & Operations, which I chair, convened a hearing to identify missteps in the initial investigation of allegations of sexual harassment against Mayor Bowser’s former chief of staff and deputy mayor for planning and economic development and ensure that the DC government improves going forward.

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