Nadeau Named Chair of Committee on Public Works and Operations 

Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau was confirmed Tuesday as the Chair of the newly-formed Committee on Public Works and Operations.

The Committee is responsible for matters relating to the general operation and service of government, including agencies and activities that influence residents’ most consistent interactions with their local government — trash and recycling pickup, parking enforcement, and business licensing. And other often-unseen, but important functions of city government, including procurement, human rights, partnerships and grants management, LGBTQ affairs, veterans affairs, administrative law and procedure, consumer and regulatory affairs, and regulation of for-hire vehicles.

“Delivering essential services, ensuring a clean and safe environment, and running a functional local government are inseparable from enacting bold, progressive governance in the District. I’m excited to take on this new role.” — Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau

Two of the largest agencies under the committee’s purview are the Department of Public Works and the Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection, which was one of the two agencies created by the breakup of the former Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

Other members of the Committee on Public Works and Operations are Councilmembers Janeese Lewis George, Brooke Pinto, Robert White, and Trayon White.

Agencies under the committee’s oversight:

  • Advisory Board on Veterans Affairs for the District of Columbia
  • Advisory Committee on Street Harassment
  • Advisory Committee to the Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and
  • Questioning Affairs
  • Commission on Fashion Arts and Events
  • Commission on Human Rights
  • Contract Appeals Board
  • Department of For-Hire Vehicles
  • Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection
  • Department of Public Works
  • Deputy Mayor for Operations and Infrastructure, shared jointly with the Committee on Transportation and Environment
  • Emancipation Commemoration Commission
  • For-Hire Vehicle Advisory Council
  • Interfaith Council
  • Office of Administrative Hearings, including the Advisory Committee to the Office of Administrative Hearings and the Commission on Selection and Tenure of Administrative Law Judges
  • Office of Community Affairs
  • Office of Contracting and Procurement
  • Office of Human Rights
  • Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Affairs
  • Office of Partnerships and Grants Services
  • Office of Risk Management
  • Office of the Chief Technology Officer
  • Office of Veterans Affairs
  • Office on Religious Affairs

In Council Period 25, Councilmember Nadeau also serves as a member of the Committee on Health, the Committee on Facilities and Family Services, and the Committee on Recreation, Libraries, and Youth Affairs.


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