Education, including Early Childhood Education

A stable, secure, and productive school environment has a profound influence on children, particularly those at risk of not realizing their full potential or engaging in potentially harmful activities. When our schools, educators, and students do not receive the tailored support they require, turnover rates for teachers and principals rise, student attendance declines, and we fall short in preparing our youth for adulthood, causing ripple effects and far-reaching consequences across our city.

If we want to fight pervasive truancy, prevent crime, fill District jobs with District residents, and help our students succeed, then we must prioritize educator and student wellness, both financially and emotionally, in early childhood, adult education, and at every level in between.

On Friday, immediately after the announcement, I sent a letter to Mayor Bowser asking that the city work with the owner of the property to collaborate on a plan to keep Rosemount open where it is.
I firmly believe that every family in the District should have the necessary resources to ensure their children can achieve their full potential.
Update from Ward 1 State Board of Education representative Ben Williams
The D.C. Council’s Public Works & Operations Committee took D.C. Public Schools officials to task in a hearing Thursday, on legislation that would take away their authority to manage their own procurement process.
Councilmember Nadeau made the following opening remarks at the start of the Committee on Public Works & Operations hearing on B25-0069, the District of Columbia Public Schools Procurement Authority Amendment Act of 2023, which would revoke DCPS' contracting authority.
WASHINGTON – Today, Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau introduced a bill to ensure equal access to changing tables in publicly accessible government buildings and newly constructed or substantially renovated public buildings. The bill recognizes that in the District, all families regardless of composition should be able to access space where they can properly attend to the needs of the child in their care. The Equal Access to Changing Tables Amendment Act of 2019 has majority support on Council with co-introduction by Councilmembers Charles Allen and Robert C. White, Jr and co-sponsorship by Councilmembers Elissa Silverman, Mary Cheh, Kenyan
On September 17, Councilmember Nadeau hosted a Ward 1 Town Hall meeting focused on the search for the District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor and the Deputy Mayor for Education. The event was an opportunity for residents of Ward 1 to share their thoughts on this search and hear from Councilmember David Grosso, Chair of the Education Committee, and Laura Wilson Phelan, Ward 1 Representative on the State Board of Education. Attendees split into three groups where they worked on and answered questions about their priorities for each position which were shared at the meeting with a representative from the