Council Approves Home Visiting Medicaid coverage 

Home visiting programs give new moms services critical to their health and the health and development of their children. This month the Council passed my Home Visiting Services Reimbursement Act, which gives access to these services to families on Medicaid. The new law, passed unanimously by the Council today, supports evidence-based home visiting programs that provide parental coaching and critical health services. Research shows that these are among the most effective interventions available to alleviate the stressors of poverty, which have detrimental impacts on child development and leads to lifelong health disparities.

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Councilmember Nadeau fought hard for the excluded worker payouts, working with Councilmembers Henderson and Lewis George
Would cover services such as postpartum care for new mothers, diet consultation, nutrition education, alcohol and substance abuse screening and other services that are proven to be effective.

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