Good Government

Where I Stand

An essential part of my work on the Council is ensuring government transparency, good and responsive government operations, and increased representation in the Council and District agencies. My first bill as a new member of the Council was an ethics reform bill. I am proud of my work on reducing the influence of special interests in DC politics and ensuring that councilmembers are held to high ethical standards with a strong an independent ethics board.

Part of the role of the Council is ensuring that the many District agencies that work with the public function well and do their work in a transparent way. To that end, I continue to engage in active oversight of all government agencies, regardless of which committee they fall under, as well as sponsor bills that would boost the efficacy and transparency of day-to-day government operations.

What I've Done

Elections and Campaign Finance

  • Introduced the Vote by Mail Amendment Act of 2019, which will allow anyone in the District to vote by mail through within a 3-week window. Vote by mail programs have been shown to significantly increase voter turnout. 

  • Co-introduced the Fair Elections Act of 2017, a new law that will reduce the influence of special interests in local politics by providing for publicly funded political campaigns. Candidates for public office receive matching public funding once they meet the number of qualifying small dollar contributions required for the office they seek.

  • Voted in favor of the Campaign Finance Reform and Transparency Temporary Amendment Act of 2017, which enhances the reporting requirements for political action committees and independent action committees during non-election years and applies contribution limits during non-election years.
  • Co-introduced the Government Contractor Pay to Play Prevention Amendment Act, which would prohibit businesses and individuals with government contracts valued at $100,000 or more from making a campaign contribution for one year.

Ethics Reform

  • My first act as councilmember was to introduce the Ethics Reform Amendment Act of 2015, which increased transparency and gave more power to the District’s independent ethics watchdog called BEGA (Board of Ethics and Government Accountability).

  • Introduced the One Job at a Time Charter Amendment Act of 2019, which bans outside employment for DC Councilmembers, with an exemption for teaching. 

  • Introduced the Ethics Reform Amendment Act of 2019, which allows the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability to bar lobbyists for a period of up to 2 years upon the finding of a Code of Conduct violation.
    • The bill also requires District employees as well as Councilmembers to disclose outside employment to the Ethics Board, with Councilmembers reporting quarterly to the Ethics Board and Advisory Neighborhood Commissions reporting contributions and donations on an annual basis.

Executive Procedures