May 3, 2022 | Press Release

CN Nadeau Statement on the Draft Supreme Court Opinion That Would Overturn Roe v. Wade

May 3, 2022

Contact: Jaqueline Castaneda, Communications: jcastaneda@dccouncil.us (202) 262-8998

"Last night, Politico circulated a draft opinion suggesting that the Supreme Court may eliminate the constitutional right to abortion later this year. As other members have stated, this opinion is a draft. It does not yet affect any person’s right to an abortion, and all forms of reproductive healthcare remain accessible in the District of Columbia. Do not be deterred from seeking the care you and your family need. And do not delay in getting it.

Like many of you, I am hurt. I am terrified. Like you, I have no idea what the Court will do later this year, or what that will mean for the world we are creating for our children. But it is my duty to defend the human rights of every District resident.

Several weeks ago, I co-introduced legislation to protect those who assist individuals seeking to self-terminate a pregnancy and shielding those who provide any product used for self-managed abortions from penalties. The Enhancing Reproductive Health Protections Amendment Act of 2022 must be given a hearing immediately. And the Council must pass it before the Supreme Court issues its opinion this summer.

I will spend every minute I am in office doing everything I can to preserve access to abortion. Now is the time to be bold, creative, resilient, and brave. Where legislative action is necessary, I promise I will take it. And I will be with you—in the Wilson Building or in the streets—every step of the way."